Based on a Tree Story

Hervisions x
Ayesha Tan Jones

A site specific, sonic augmented reality encounter with a digital tree sprite that tells tales of the tree's past, present and future. The trees of Finsbury Park are very old, and they have been witness to a lot of change and growth. If the trees had a voice, what would they share? Based on a Tree Story brings to life Furtherfield Gallery’s nearby resident, a London plane tree dubbed the Trunk Triplets Tree, situated in Finsbury park and the soils from which they grew, part of the now-extinct ancient woodland, Hornsey Woods. From the medieval history to sci-fi futures, their stories are told through an augmented reality and audio experience, giving viewers an insight into the past, while arming them with inspiration and knowledge to help protect the trees into the future. We invite you to visit the tree, call forth the sprite and dance together to the rhythm of the soil. Let your feet connect to the soil and the movement of the sprite inspire your rhythms. Stomp on the ground and the layers of earth from years of life will reverberate with your sound! Hear their echoes!

About the sprite

The project activates a digital tree sprite which shares a fable crafted through local research, site visits and discussion with Ricard Zanoli, the Park Ranger. The sprite itself is modelled on a sculpture handmade by the artist using clay found in the earth at Finsbury Park. Its form echoes patterns often found on the barks of London Plane trees, the sprite is the spirit of the tree.

August is voting time!


In this first iteration of the artwork one tree story is presented.

Larger commission:

If this work is selected in the public vote in August 2021 a further two tree stories and a trail of clues to find them will be revealed.

Please tag and share @furtherfield @hervisions_ @ayeshatanjones on Instagram using #BasedOnATreeStory.

How it works

If you’re in the park

-Start at Furtherfield Gallery (the People’s Park Plinth) in Finsbury Park -Scan the QR code on display outside the gallery with your mobile -Follow the instructions to get Based on a Tree Story app set up in your browser -Visit the Trunk Triplets Tree, scan the amulet and dance with the sprite to the rhythm of the soil -Don’t leave the sprite of the Trunk Triplets Tree to dance all alone, vote in August 2021 to awaken the other tree sprites so they can unite and unlock the tales that will ignite

If you’re somewhere else

-From your mobile, select the work from the People’s Park Plinth website -Follow the instructions to get Based on a Tree Story app set up in your browser -Dance with the sprite of the Trunk Triplets Tree to the rhythm of the soil -Don’t leave the sprite of the Trunk Triplets Tree to dance all alone, vote in August 2021 to awaken the other tree sprites so they can unite and unlock the tales that will ignite

Your Tree Story

We invite you to share with us your thoughts - slow down and listen to the language of the earth! Please submit your stories of the park in this form to be a part of future tree sprites fables.

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Ayesha Tan Jones AKA YaYa Bones work is a spiritual practice that seeks to present an alternative, queer, optimistic dystopia. They work through ritual, meditating through craft, dancing through the veil betwixt nature and the other. Ayesha weaves a mycelial web of diverse, eco-conscious narratives which aim to connect, enthral and induce audiences to think more sustainably and ethically. Traversing pop music, sculpture, alter-egos, digital image and video work, Ayesha sanctifies these mediums as tool’s in their craft. Selected recent commissions/exhibitions include: Shanghai Biennale (2021) Athens Biennale (2021) Solo Show at Underground Flower Offsite (2020) Serpentine Galleries, London (2019) IMT Gallery, London (2019) Mimosa House, London (2018), ICA, London (2018-2020) Cell Project Space, London (2018) Gropius Bau, Berlin (2018) Yorkshire Sculpture Park (2016-17). Ayesha is represented by Harlesden High Street Gallery, London.


HERVISIONS is a femme-focussed curatorial agency supporting and promoting artists working across new and emergent technologies, and platforms with a strong focus on the intersection of art, technology and culture. HERVISIONS partner with institutes, organisations and galleries to create antidisciplinary exhibitions and innovative commissions. Select partners include, LUX, Tate, bitforms, arebyte and Google Arts and Culture. IG @hervisions_


Furtherfield is London’s longest-running art and technology (de)centre. With 25 years of experience, through 50+ exhibitions, and over 100 international partnerships, it has developed a specialism in alternative systems of organisations and co-creation. Projects done by Furtherfield have been featured by the BBC, the Guardian, the New Scientist, Wired, the Art Newspaper, and Hyperallergic. Highlighted on the Piccadilly Tube Line map of key destinations alongside Buckingham Palace, Furtherfield Gallery is in the Borough of Haringey - the UK’s local authority with the highest levels of income inequality.

Technical development

Studio Hyte is a South London-based design studio, working between graphic design, interaction, and emergent communication. Approaching branding, print, website, and exhibition design through progressive methods of engagement, they aim to create meaningful work that considers and responds to the social and cultural contexts it exists in.


The Trunk Triplets Tree (London Plane Tree)


Furtherfield Gallery


Hello I'm the Trunk Triplets Tree! I'm here to tell you my story! If you vote for this artwork in August 2021, you will get to meet my other two interesting tree friends in Finsbury Park - each with their own story to tell.

Please tag and share @furtherfield @hervisions_ @ayeshatanjones on Instagram using #BasedOnATreeStory.

Basedon aTreeStory